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Guaranteed 50 Plus Life Cover

Our Guaranteed 50 Plus Life Cover pays out a cash lump sum on your death to make things a little easier for the family you leave behind. Available to all UK residents aged between 50 and 80 with no medical required.

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Accident Protection Insurance

We all try to avoid accidents but by their very nature there is no way of eliminating the risk completely. If you were involved in an accident that prevented you from working how would you and your family cope? What if you suffered permanent disability?

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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance will pay out an amount of money if you are diagnosed with an illness that is listed in your insurers documents.

The types of illness covered are heart attack, stroke and cancer the full list of illnesses that your policy includes can be found in your insurance company’s documentation. The amount of money that is paid out on these policies will depend on what type of policy you have.

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Terminal Illness

Terminal illness benefit pays out the sum assured immediately (instead of on death or critical illness) if the life assured is diagnosed as being terminally ill, with a life expectancy of less than 12 months typically.

Terminal illness benefit is almost without exception included free of charge on all life insurance and/or critical illness policies.

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Mortgage Protection Life Insurance

Mortgage protection life insurance (decreasing term life insurance) pays out an amount of money (sum insured) on a claim that reduces during the term of the policy.

Not all mortgage protection life insurance and critical illness insurance plans pay the same amount on claim. This is because each insurance company uses different ways to work out how the life cover should fall over the term.

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Level Term Life Insurance

Level term life insurance pays out the amount of money on a claim (the sum insured) as originally requested when you took out the insurance.

The price you pay will be decided by the insurer before you start your policy, and for level term life insurance this is usually fixed until the policy ends.

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*£5 monthly premium is based on a non smoker born on 01/01/1980 for £50,000 Level Term Life Insurance for a 20 year term. Premium correct at 10/12/2012. Source - Direct Life 10/12/2012.

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